Buy goerli eth(GETH), come here ! Use , just 0.5$ fee!

We know that many developers and airdrop hunters are lacking Goerli ETH, and relying on unstable faucets, they can only receive 0.02 Goerli ETH one day, which is far from enough for deploying contracts.
Today, we recommend a project called @FaucetDao, which allows buying and selling of Goerli ETH on their decentralized platform.Their platform is very user-friendly. You only need to purchase FDT on Polygon, bridge it to Goerli, and then buy Goerli ETH on Goerli. The process is simple and easy to get started with.
Next, let’s compare the cost of buying GETH on FaucetDao and LayerZero’s testbridge:
On LayerZero’s testbridge:
purchasing $17 worth of GETH requires a gas fee of $23, which is really unreasonable!
On FaucetDao’s website,
buying around $10 worth of GETH results in a transaction fee of only $0.5, which is clearly superior. Their fee is always 0.5 matic.For retail users to buy and sell GETH, the preferred platform is undoubtedly
Conclusion: To buy and sell Goerli ETH (GETH), just go to !!!

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